Couple posing in front of the Mid-Hudson Bridge in Poughkeepsie | Photo Courtesy of Pioneer Media

By Taylor Checchia

You’re engaged!

You have been dreaming of this moment your entire life, and it is finally here. You cannot wait to share the excitement with all of your family and friends. There is only one thing stopping that from happening; COVID-19. While you may be worried, we’ve got you covered with these tips on how to plan your wedding during COVID-19.

Thank you technology!

Luckily, we live in a time where technology provides us with all the tools necessary to stay connected. A familiar voice or friendly face is only one click away. Sending a text or making a phone call is quick and easy, but neither of those will give the emotional connection you feel when you are actually able to see someone.

You want to see the reaction on everyone’s face when you share the news. You want to hear the cries of overwhelming excitement. You want to feel the genuine outpouring of love from those that mean the absolute most to you!

Video calls make that all possible. Thank you FaceTime!

After you share the amazing news with everyone, you may find yourself thinking… “Well now what? What do I do now?”

The next step is wedding planning.

First stop – finding your venue.

During the pandemic, you might ask yourself, “How do I tour a venue? Is it even possible? Where do I start? How do I start?!”

Couple Planning Their Wedding

Couple taking a virtual tour

The answer is simple. The SAME exact way you shared the news of your engagement with your family and friends. Video calls!

When you virtually plan with us, we want you to experience that same feeling you get when you video chat with a family member or a best friend.

Scheduling a virtual tour with us is easy.

Call us and we will find a time that works for both you and your fiancé. We will walk you through our grounds, review wedding package information, and chat about your wedding vision, all on your computer screen, without you ever having to leave home.

Computer screen rendering of personal virtual tour at West Hills Country Club

Taylor gives a personal virtual tour of West Hills Country Club

You can even invite family and friends to join in, from the comfort of their home. The entire “visit” only takes about 45 minutes, and it is SO simple!

We want to continue to make these moments special for you. After all, wedding planning is a fun process and we are here to guide you through every step!


Hudson Valley wedding venues offering virtual tours during COVID-19

Anthony’s Pier 9

Wedding Couple at Anthony's Pier 9

Couple poses in front of Anthony’s Pier 9 Signature Cinderella Carriage

Anthony’s Pier 9 offers two exclusive ballrooms featuring unparalleled cuisine and beautiful indoor and outdoor gardens. You won’t find a better venue in the Hudson Valley! One of the most affordable wedding venues in Orange County, NY, Anthony’s Pier 9 does not compromise on offering the most luxurious experience to their guests.

Schedule Your Personal Tour with Anthony’s Pier 9 or call 845-565-3390

The Grandview

A couple exchanging their vows

Couple exchanges their vows in front of the Hudson River at The Grandview

The Grandview is known as the premier wedding venue in the Hudson Valley. Their all inclusive wedding packages are fully customizable so you get exactly what you want for your stress free wedding. The Grandview offers two exclusive wedding reception spaces with a panoramic view of the Hudson River.

Schedule Your Personal Tour with The Grandview or call 845-486-4700

West Hills Country Club

Couple enjoys their first dance at West Hills Country Club

Couple enjoys their first dance at West Hills Country Club

West Hills is one of the most romantic wedding venues located in Orange County, NY. If you are looking for a fun tent wedding reception, their outdoor ballroom is the premier space for you. West Hills Country Club only hosts one wedding at a time, giving you exclusive access to the grounds for amazing wedding photos.

Schedule Your Personal Tour with West Hills Country Club or call 845-341-1899