Hi My Friends! Ryan here, Wedding Aficionado with your “Maitre d Minute.”

Let’s talk about Wedding Traditions. As you think about reception planning, you might come across your “must dos” and your “don’t even think about its.” 

First- consider the music. Cha Cha Slide? Your family might nail that on the dance floor. Chicken Dance? No I’m sorry, we’re vegetarians. This is an event to celebrate your marriage so whether you are “partying like it’s 1999” or showing off your “moves like Jagger,” make sure you tell you DJ or Band your music wish list.

Next, consider your single ladies. Some brides honor the time old tradition of tossing their wedding bouquet to all their single friends, with the belief that whomever catches it will be the next to marry.

Now how many single friends do you have? Oh only two? Check-in with Mary and Diane – are okay with announcing to all 178 guests at your wedding that they are the only 2 friends who are shimming out onto the dance floor to catch your flowers? If the answer is yes, then hit it Beyonce.

And that’s your “Maitre d Minute.”


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